App “EPS Inspection”

“EPS Inspection” is an official app of Electronic Passport System. The app enables to make a full inspection of a vehicle to issue an electronic Vehicle Passport. One of the additional and convenient functions is a possibility to recognize data automatically from Certificate of Vehicle Registration. Moreover, with the app “EPS inspection” you can make all necessary photo materials of vehicles fast and easily.



The app “EPS inspection” enables to make inspections of vehicles before issuing an electronic passport according to the current legislation. The app enables to take a photo and video record of vehicles. Photos and videos are protected from falsifications, substitutions and corrections.


The app “EPS inspection” enables to simplify and hasten the process of issuing an electronic vehicle passport. No more large resources, additional staff to make inspections, you can use our convenient mobile app “EPS Inspection” to take a photo and video in necessary angles and quality.

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Low cost

Low cost of inspections, available free of charge

Anti-fraud system

Reliable anti-fraud system to protect your business from fraudsters


Easy-to-use and intuitive interface. The admin panel allows to change inspection algorithms easily.


You can quickly adapt the app to your needs without any financial investments.

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