VIEWAPP is a digital inspection technology implemented via a smartphone app, which is designed for the user to perform remote inspections themselves. Inspections are conducted according to pre-designed scenarios and the results are guaranteed to be fraud-proof. Photos, videos and other materials of digital inspections are sent to the company's account, for subsequent regulatory procedures (inspection, evaluation, monitoring, control, insurance or insurance payment). To start working with the application, the user has to install the application and follow simple instructions on the smartphone screen.  


The application can be used by various areas of business for inspections in scenarios of any complexity and detail, photo and video of various objects, e.g. real estate, cars, goods on shop shelves, collateral, property and much more. The purposes of inspections can be absolutely any, for example monitoring condition and availability, acceptance for insurance, assessment of value, dynamics of changes. 

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App performance

Photos of objects

You can make any number of photos of objects you need. Choose any way of inspection and take a step-by-step photography. New inspection requirements appeared? Switch the algorithms of photography any time.

Data record

The app records the exact time and date of the photography as well as your location. This method guarantees authenticity of inspection and protects securely from fraud.

Generating your own algorithms of inspection

You determine the sequence of photography, angles you need, additional photo requirements, its number depending on your business goals.

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Business areas


The cost of services is calculated individually, depending on the total number of inspections per month and other specifics of business processes. It is possible to use this app free of charge for socially important projects.


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