Identification of Internet Users

Identification of Internet users has become easy and convenient thanks to our app. You need to confirm person’s identity and you think it’s impossible to do online? Nothing is impossible with our app: you only develop necessary schemes for an inspection of documents and built-in anti-fraud system will protect securely from fraud and falsification.

Microfinancial organizations

You need to check someone’s identity to give a lend? Use our app and check identity online without one-on-one and visits to your office. Due to innovative technology, you can be sure that a customer will send genuine documents – no Photoshop or other manipulation.

State Portals

Identification of users on state portals has stirred up discontent as forced users to waste time and power to visit appropriate verification centers or a post office. You will forget about these difficulties if you use our app. Verification is made online, any time, regardless user’s location.

Educational institutions

In the age of education online identification of users via mobile apps has become particularly urgent. You need to prove student’s identity of courses, seminars, trainings? Your customers just need to install the app and make a simple procedure of online verification.

Private industry

You can choose the area of the app application on users identification for your business. Due to its easy and convenient interface, reliable protection from fraud, you can provide efficient work of your business with minimum costs.