Viewapp enables to control laying out of products on the shelves of shops and work of merchandisers effectively and timely. Video record of all staff actions at the time of making a report is built in the app. Besides, location, date and time of photo taken are also recorded.

Control of laying out products

It has become much easier to control laying out of products on the shelves of supermarkets and small retail shops with our Viewapp. Make up a scheme you need and let any senior high school student to control it for a small bonus.

Control of merchandisers’ work

You notice that merchandisers don’t work properly? You get the same photos retouched and given as everyday checks? You can stop this! Use Viewapp and it will protect you from dishonest workers.

Tracking prices

Thanks to convenience and versatility of our app, you can control prices of rival companies easily without attracting any attention. Just make up a necessary scheme of inspection of sales area, state product items, prices you are interested in and analyze results.