Car Insurance

The app enables to make all types of inspections for car insurance (inspection of a car before a contract), when an insured case takes place, assessment of damages from third parties to settle damages and in other cases.

Before issuing a contract

A full inspection of a car is needed when issuing a contract of car insurance. Due to this app, you do not need to make a customer visit your office to hand documents and examine a vehicle.

In case of a car accident

If a car accident takes place, you do not need to send an accident commissioner to the accident site. It is enough to ask a customer to take photos and film a video of the damaged car and the place of an accident.

Settlement of damages

When an insured case takes place (apart from an accident), a customer has an opportunity to record vehicle damages without visiting Insurance Company. At the same time you will be sure that all photographs are authentic, taken from a right angle.