A versatile multifunctional app for a wide use in most businesses. It enables to inspect objects with a photo and video record at a predetermined defined algorithm. Unique function “anti-fraud” protects your business securely from fraud from unfair customer, partners, contractors.


What is this application for?

The app is used to record the condition of objects at a predetermined scheme. Due to hidden video filming and a series of other innovative developments, falsification, spoofing, photo retouching are reduced to nil.


Due to the versatility and a large number of useful functions, the app can be used to enhance the quality of any business. It can be especially useful for the following areas: vehicles (auto pawn shops, rentals, maintenance, Insurance), insurance (real estate), retail trade, merchandise and others.

Video reviews

Check out the video reviews how to use the app for your business effectively.

Low cost

Low cost of inspections, available free of charge

Anti-fraud system

Reliable system “Anti-fraud” to protect your business from fraud


Easy-to-use and convenient interface. Admin panel allows to change algorithms of inspection easily.


You can adapt the app to your needs without any financial investments and time wastes.

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