Siemens Finance LLC

"Siemens Finance», а part of the finance division of Siemens AG, is a reliable partner of numerous businesses using leasing equipment, vehicles and special-purpose machinery. The company has managed to win leading positions in power engineering, medicine, metalworking and food-processing industries. In 20 years of operation, more than 35,000 projects have been successfully implemented throughout Russia. Leasing property requires regular monitoring, which has now been digitally secured with VIEWAPP.


Siemens Finance LLC

Siemens Finance benefits from the absolute professionalism of its services with a wealth of accumulated experience in various sectors. The company, like the Group itself, pays great attention to the issue of digital technology, introducing innovative tools into its activities. In 2018, Siemens hosted the Digitalisation Day event dedicated to digital technologies in industry, and also launched an initiative to digitise the Russian economy.

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