ESG Declaration

How does VIEWAPP fit into the global trend towards responsibility and sustainability?

VIEWAPP adheres to ESG principles in its operations as it considers them an important contribution to global wellness, conservation and enhancement. The ESG principles imply environmental responsibility, a high level of social responsibility as well as good corporate governance. We encourage the use of VIEWAPP as the product and technology we create brings many ESG benefits to business and everyday life.

  • VIEWAPP is a resource efficient technology as VIEWAPP is digital and does away with the need for unnecessary and expensive manual inspections, often involving multiple staff movements and therefore travel expenses, fuel, labour time, energy and many other costs that can be measured in cost savings.
  • VIEWAPP is a paperless technology that saves forests and therefore helps keep our air clean, and the more digital VIEWAPP inspections are implemented around the world the healthier our planet will be.
  • VIEWAPP is a life-saving technology. The importance of digital screenings became even more evident at a time of pandemic when it was necessary to drastically reduce all possible face-to-face contact. But it was also necessary to keep companies' activities going. VIEWAPP remote health checks helped to contain the pandemic and increased the comfort level of those who went along with them. This is also our social responsibility.

The companies that implement VIEWAPP digital inspections become providers of ESG principles, which of course contributes to cleaning up and saving our planet.